The Purposeful Elements

Hope Anew stands for Healing Occurs through Purposeful Elements: Art, Nature, Environment, and Well-being. It is meant to be a collaborative effort of passionate professionals who want to use their area of expertise to contribute to others on their path of self-discovery. We are in the beginning stages of developing these partnerships. Learn more about our collaborative efforts here. Below is an overview of the elements that can be implemented in the coaching process.


Artistic Expression

Every person has a unique potential to contribute to the world through their β€œart”, when we intentionally create something and offer it to others, we can experience personal healing. 

Examples: gardening, painting, photography, baking, building, music , knitting, sewing,  public speaking, writing



When we use and appreciate the natural world and all that is in it, we become more in touch with ourselves.

Examples: Equine assisted coaching and therapy, animals, fresh produce, parks, organic foods, the outdoors


When we are intentional about creating a space for ourselves and the people around us, we can promote healing and growth.

Examples: Promoting love, acceptance, purity, simplicity, unity



When we intentionally choose for ourselves and inspire others to be the best we can be with what we have been given, we can live life more fully.

Examples: Nutrition, exercise, massage, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, spiritual renewal