Take a Deep Breath.

You’re here. On the scheduling page. Thinking about jumping in. Well, before you do, take a deep breath. And let me tell you a little bit more about what to expect.

I create opportunities for you to be refreshed, nourished, and empowered so that you can fully engage with the life you have and create the life you want. Whether it’s through personalized coaching sessions or collective workshop or retreat experiences, it’s all there to build you up in some way.

I commit to offering holistic experiences that tend to your mind, body, and spirit. This is made possible through collaboration with other like-minded individuals who care just as much about supporting you on your journey as I do. I also commit to collaborating with the tools and elements that are available to me- such as nature, horses, essential oils, creativity, mindfulness…needless to say- it is never just me providing a service. In fact, probably the most important collaboration is between me and you!

We are better together. And together we can cultivate a culture of thriving, whole-hearted people offering our best selves to this world that desperately needs it!

So if that fires you up and gets you excited, the next step is to …..

Schedule a Session!

By working with a life coach, you are choosing to make your own personal development a priority. You are setting aside your precious time to work on your goals. You are investing your money, not only in this process, but in yourself! This process is designed to honor you and your time. Generally, people tend to want 8-10 sessions with a life coach. These sessions take place over the course of 3-6 months, depending on the frequency of sessions in a month. This is meant to be a focused season of growth that will empower you to continue doing the work on your own once we’re done!

Below are my current offerings. If you want to chat more before scheduling your first session, choose the 30-minute discovery call to get started!